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The role of a brand ambassador is more complex than most people recognise

To be the face of a brand, one needs to adopt the brand values, ideals and proposition, so that when a consumer sees a brand ambassador, they associate the person with the brand. A true brand ambassador not only sells the brand but lives the brand – the ambassador is an extension of the brand through a person.

A good brand ambassador is able to leave lasting impressions, motivating consumers to view, reinforce or change the way they see a brand – and ultimately motivate a change in consumer behaviour and brand loyalty.

All our promotional staff achieve this by mastering techniques that involve managing their appearance, body language and speech to deliver an effective interaction. The ideal brand ambassador will look like the brand, talk like the brand, preach the same values and defend the brand as if it was a part of them.

Our brand ambassadors know how to assess consumers, their needs and wants by observing their behaviours and asking the right questions at the right time in a conversational manner. They are skilled to match this information to the characteristics of the brand that best relate to it, always presenting the brand as the right solution for their problem in a pressure-free interaction.

When choosing a promotional staffing agency, be sure to ask how they screen their staff. An agency must spend a decent amount of time screening staff not only based on experience, availability, responsibility and reliability but also based on image, personality and style, genuine interest in the brand and power of influence.

Pretty Promoters has perfected this process and we ensure each new team-member is thoroughly screened and interviewed before allocated to any position to ensure our client only receives the very best of what we have to offer – ensuring Memorable Experiences!